Take a look at our wonderful cakes, the number of servings can change to more or less depending on the size of your party.. 
  1. Millenium Falcon cake
    Millenium Falcon cake
    Serves 50.
  2. Lous Vuitton Cake
    Lous Vuitton Cake
    Serves 35
  3. Les Paul guitar cake
    Les Paul guitar cake
    Serves 50
  4. Lumberjack Cake
    Lumberjack Cake
    Serves 35
  5. Spiderman cake
    Spiderman cake
    Serves 20-25.
  6. Gravity defying cake
    Gravity defying cake
    Serves 20-25
  7. Toy Story gravity defying cake
    Toy Story gravity defying cake
    Serves 20-25
  8. Bridal shower cake
    Bridal shower cake
    serves 20-25
  9. Grill cake with special effects.
    Grill cake with special effects.
    Get the perfect birthday experience with this cake that has actual smoke! Serves 30
  10. SMash Cake
    SMash Cake
    Beautiful smash cake for smash cake sessions with Karoll Liliana Photography
  11. Cake fro 2
    Cake fro 2
    Decadent chocolate cake , serves 2
  12. Cream Tart
    Cream Tart
    Delicious cream tar with French macarons and fresh flowers.
  13. Moroccan style romantic cake
    Moroccan style romantic cake